Hotel Villa Marcella - via Palombo, 1 San Vincenzo (LI) 57027 - Toscana - Italia

Terrazza Quartocielo à la carte

The Terrazza Quartocielo restaurant takes its name from its location. Located on the fourth floor of the hotel, in a privileged seafront location, some 18 metres above sea level, it enjoys a panorama that is nothing short of exceptional. Those who have the pleasure of experiencing it have the sensation of touching the sky with their finger.

This is the restaurant we recommend if you want to spend an evening with a panorama that makes all the difference. From the restaurant’s terrace you will feel as if you are touching the island of Elba, you will be amazed to glimpse the island of Capraia behind and catch a glimpse of the outline of Corsica. The Tuscan archipelago is the perfect setting for breathtaking sunsets: fiery skies that give San Vincenzo the title of ‘Pearl of the Tuscan Coast’. The Quartocielo restaurant is for those who aim for the best: the refined flavour of the dishes and the unique location will give you unforgettable emotions. The restaurant is open to the public; the refined cuisine is also appreciated and chosen by those who do not stay at the hotel or who are passing through on their way to a B&B.